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Please vote this into collections.

2008-07-31 20:47:38 by kidray76

Edit: August 18, 2008
SUCCESS!!!! Thx to everyone who recommended, as of today, 8/18/2008, it is now part of the multiplayer section :)
Along with territory war online.

Bombators Multiplayer

I think it deserves there and pretty decent game. Don't mind, recommend for the multiplayer section.

Please vote this into collections.


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2008-08-01 10:56:07

It's a very cool game.

(Updated ) kidray76 responds:

Yes, I thought so also. And though multiplayer games are on the rise, still nice to have more. So if people feel the way I do about that game, hope eventually it gets in there. Been on front page, so I know an admin saw it.

Your # 2 for recommendations here. Hopefully after gets to 20, be enough to get noticed. Cross fingers :)


2008-08-01 22:12:42


kidray76 responds:

Ugh, it's a decent game. Multiplayer, got front paged. Pick your choice.


2008-08-02 00:21:08

not bad, not bad... Recommended for the multiplayer collection :)

kidray76 responds:

Far as I know, you make 3 :) Thx, I'm sure the artists will appreciate. I guess you can call this a blog petition. Gets up high enough, can't deny the public :)


2008-08-02 00:24:59

its a great game, i have played it and voted it when its still in F-portal.
I've always like bomber man, i never get tired of it, now its in online small multiplayer game!! because it's always a big file where i still have to download like the "BAO BAO TANG"
the bombators have a lot of bugs though...

(Updated ) kidray76 responds:

Honestly? I think this better than the xbox live version. Seems to run better without a lot less lag. Strange when I think about it. I guess you make #4 :)


2008-08-05 09:50:06

Okay, I recommended it just for you, but I won't play it, not that into multiplayer flash games BECAUSE I'M A BAD LOSER :'(

kidray76 responds:

lol, Thx anyway yo.


2008-08-05 10:06:35

How I love it :D

kidray76 responds:

And #7 (hopefully, right?)


2008-08-05 11:46:01

Recommended it, awesome game. <3 multiplayer. ;)

kidray76 responds:

Yes, and #8. Be pretty awesome if Tom or Wade came by and saw this :)


2008-08-05 12:01:08

Done and done. Lorenz games make some pretty decent games. There was one called 'Blox' I think, or something along those lines. It was like a tetris style game where you have to play against other people, getting power-ups and using them against your adversaries.

kidray76 responds:

I'm tellin ya, it really is a good game. I think I remember that type of game, makes me want to go back and search for it now.

And #9


2008-08-07 10:02:34

Recommended ;)

(Updated ) kidray76 responds:

:) #10

Thx alot!


2008-08-07 10:47:14

I voted it.

kidray76 responds:

Alright, #11, if/when this gets to 20, hopefully that'll be enough to at least forward to ng staff to look over :) Thx yo.


2008-08-07 16:18:42

#12 here
you got all your disciples, lets go change the world/

kidray76 responds:

#12 it is.

Just need 8 more to at least have a grounding to send :) Thx!!


2008-08-07 19:09:23

Although its a knock-off of Bomberman, I really dig the gameplay/multiplayer aspect. It's always great to band-up to help the underdogs of Newgrounds. [voted!]

kidray76 responds:

Fucking ace. #13.
7 more !!!!!!! Thx alot :)
And yeah, it is a knock off of bomberman, but at least he added a little twist to it.


2008-08-07 19:49:43


kidray76 responds:

I knew I could depend on you :)


2008-08-10 10:45:27

Done and done.

kidray76 responds:

And #15 :)


2008-08-10 23:32:26

a 3.5 score for a multiplayer game?

that's not right.

kidray76 responds:

Yeah, thats right. Not the best multiplayer game, but certainly not the worse.


2008-08-12 10:43:16

How long have you had AIM for? I just noticed you had it so I added you. ;P

kidray76 responds:

Yeah, I get on AIM mostly nights EST. So probably your 4 am lol


2008-08-12 16:41:05

I'm a tranny who fucked your dad and swallowed...


2008-08-18 12:41:06

Ah well, perhaps one day I'll catch you online if I decide to do some more crazy all-nighters. ;)

kidray76 responds:

I did alot of those after the redesign. I still do once in a while. just not as often since don't have to noawadays.


2008-08-18 13:56:39

WE WON!!! It's on the collection!

We are awesome.

kidray76 responds:

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. He must of saw it :)



2008-08-27 09:32:21

I do hope you've been looking after your prostate, my good man. I reckon mine is in tip-top shape, although I'm reluctant to actually get it checked out due to the somewhat embarrassing nature of the method... :(

kidray76 responds:

Well, like the Aussie's say, just jack off twice a day :)